DIY Bandana Mask Nose Frame - April 2020    

During the current COVID-19 crisis, aside from essential workers, healthcare teams, first responders, etc. we are all staying home to stop the spread as much as possible, or wearing masks when we do have to go out. Here's a mask I made out of a bandana and a special nose frame that helps make a better seal around the face and I wanted to share it with you in case you would like to make one too. It also allows other materials to be folded with bandana to add filtration, although may become cumbersome if fabrics are too heavy.

Materials needed

  • Piece of aluminum 10 to 11 inches long x ¾ inches wide (Roof Flashing or coil metal)
  • Door weatherstripping foam ¾ inches wide
  • A bandana or cloth, frame holes optional.

  • Smooth the edges of aluminum with sandpaper. Apply sticky side of foam to aluminum strip.

    Remove Paper from foam before bending.

    Make a center mark on strip, start with a bend over nose, then bend to contour over face “over” bending where necessary. pretty quickly it will conform to your face. Use a mirror to make sure the foam contacts everywhere.

    Took me a few times to get the bandana fixed up. Once together is a very sturdy set-up. The Bandana I have measures 21” x 21”.

    Stay Safe,



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