A few words about painting

Always use respirator equipment while painting. This usually means that you use an outside supplied force air respirator system. There are also systems that filter your compressed air.

If you haven't ever painted with auto body paints you might want to seek advice from a local automotive paint supplier. Most of the larger auto parts dealers have a paint person who can help get you set up with your paint system.

More important than the paint's brand name is the sales support for the product line. A paint rep will have definite answers to your questions and will recommend specific products to suit your situation. It is especially helpful to get the paint rep to visit your work area.

Also important is to use a system where you get local support. Mostly the jargon and product numbers are a bit intimidating at first, but it basically breaks down into 3 systems.

Primer system:
Primer, Catalyst, Thinner, Uses 3 parts or Primer, Catalyst (No Thinner) 2 Parts.

Paint system: single stage
Uses 3 parts: Paint, Hardener, Thinner

Paintsystem: Base Coat-Clear Coat
Colored Base Paint, plus Catalyst. Uses 2 Parts.
Clear Coat, plus Hardene. Uses 2 Parts.

You will need to know the temperature range of your workspace.

Type of spray gun, if you are going to buy one I recommend a Gravity gun HVLP if price permits. A 1.3 nozzle will work good enough of primers and will allow you to get the hang of finish painting

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