Transcript of the video introduction

Hi, I'm Gene Beaudry.

In this video I will show you how to make repairs to various plastic, fiberglass, and composet RV Parts.

One of the main points of the video is to show my hinge technique, which is a simple way to handle larger pieces of luan plywood, and Fiberglass reinforced sheets. So when gluing up new parts they will be perfectly aligned.

Another main point of the video is to use a layout transfer template or "mud map" to locate your wall cutouts or openings, this template increases accurateness when cutting out openings and also serves as masking material.

As I go along I mention tips and techniques - if your doing this for the first time review the video a few times pertaining to the section your working on. Take your time. Even practice a dry run to make sure you and your tools can reach all the places they need to. Practice and test on small pieces to see if you like the results.

You'll need a few simple tools and supplies. You can substitute and improvise as you go along on your projects - This work can save you a lot of money if you are doing it for yourself and it will far outweigh the cost of a few additional tools and who has enough tools anyway?

Remember the more you take apart the less you have to add molding around

And if there is one thing I have learned working on Motor homes and travel trailers is "The shortest Distance is the Long way round".

We pick up the video at the last part of the take apart stage.

Lets go to work