Although it is long I purposely left segments a little lengthy. This type of work is time consuming but is not too difficult especially if you are used to working with tools. Some of the steps are messy but the mess goes away fast as the project progresses.

There are a few approaches to this type of work and there can be many choices to make concerning which products to use like adhesives and paints. I will go over the processes in the video and some alternate ones as well.

Most of all donít let any of this work intimidate you. After taking apart and drying out any repair area you will usually get a clue of how the damage started and can remedy the cause of damage insuring yourself that your repair efforts are well worth the time and effort.

Be safe; protect your body and the environment. Read all labels and information that comes with your materials and tools.

Video timeline

All times are approximate.

0hr:05minDisassembly moldings, windows doors compartment doors
0hr:12minDisassemble lower sidewall molding
0hr:17minMasking openings
0hr:20minMarking out, skin removal, cutting
0hr:25minMasking and transfer template paper
0hr:29minTransfer opening dimensions to the template
0hr:39minContinue skin removal
0hr:44minScraping materials from foam substrate
0hr:51minStarting repair requiring finish repair
0hr:56minGood look at lapping the repair materials
0hr:58minMaking a heat tunnel for drying
0hr:59minForcing epoxy into delam area
0hr:59minUsing conversion coating
1hr:0minHinge technique
1hr:7minSpraying glue
1hr:15minWorking with fiberglass reinforced plastic
1hr:22minTransferring sidewall opening lines
1hr:27minInvisible seaming section repair
1hr:30minCutting out openings
1hr:36minBack to invisible seaming
1hr:57minUsing seam sealer under feature strip molding area
1hr:59minSealing technique for reassembling compartment doors
2hr:05minInstalling the feature strip
2hr:10minHanging front lower cap
2hr:13minPrep for painting
2hr:19minPainting and texturing
2hr:24minCaulking & sealing

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