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Volt-a-Grip: Circuit Continuity Tester

Only $15.99 (includes shipping to any of the lower 48 states)

For use in 6,12, and 24 volt vehicles

The Volt-a-Grip is a patented and innovative automotive wiring tester. This unique tool fills the needs of both professional and amateur mechanics to perform "power on" verification of motor vehicle wiring. It does so by the controlled penetration of the insulation of the wire under test and determining if voltage is present in the wire.

Volt-a-Grip's unique and repeatable piecing action require little effort and ensures reliable results every time.

Volt-a-Grip's hardened conical needle displaces only a minute surface of wire insulation when piercing occurs, leaving the wire's insulation intact under test. This eliminates the need for insulation patching after test.

Volt-a-Grip's LED visual indication never needs replacement.

Volt-a-Grip's bright yellow color makes it readily visible even in the most cluttered and poorly lit working environments.

Volt-a-Grip safeguards its user from accidental and dangerous self inflicted injuries to hands.


Easier to use than traditional probe type continuity testers!

[ The Volt-A-Grip ]


  • Prevents Injury
  • Reliable
  • Needs No Bulbs
  • Easily Visible

Finds open and short circuits under power "on" conditions.

Checks fuses and all vehicle wiring continuity.


Supplied with plug-in, replacable, grounding wire and clip.

How to Use a Volt-a-Grip

With a Volta-a-Grip, wire fault tracing is made effortless and without fear of self inflicted injury.

  1. Attach the alligator clip end of the grounding cable to any chassis or vehicle ground point. Ensure that the alligator clip makes proper electrical connection by scraping rust or paint from connection surface.
  2. Insert the wire under test into the groove of Volt-a-Grip's jaws and clamp down on the wire until the conical needle penetrates the wire's insulation.
  3. Observe the green LED lamp. If it lights up the wire under test is "live".
  4. For probing conectors, fuse holders, or other bare live conductors, attach the alligator clip end of the grounding cable to the vehicle chassis and touch the desired test point with the probe on the tip of Volt-a-Grip.

Limited Warranty

We warrant each Volt-a-Grip to be free of defects in parts and workmanship, and that it will peform for a period of one year after original shipment. Our obligation is limited to the replacement of any Volt-a-Grip after it is returned to factor freight prepaid. This warranty does not apply to any Volt-a-Grip which is deemed by the factory to have failed through misues or abuse.

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