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Deciding what glue to use

The size of your repair project will determine what type of adhesive you will want to choose. You have more choices if your repair area is small enough for you to configure a clamping system to hold your materials in place until the adhesive sets. Large repairs are usually made with contact adhesive as it requires no clamping and provides a water resistant bond. There are many adhesives that will work and I have experimented with all I can get my hands on. The best thing to do is experiment with your adhesives by making small test panels from scrap. After the recommended procedures, subject your test panels to a little localized heat like from a hair drier and make sure they do not pull apart easily. Also expose the edges of your test panel to water to see if your glue remains intact. The glues that are the easiest to use with the best results are:

Contact adhesive, especially if sprayed:

Best one for large areas, requires no clamping. Parts must be aligned before touching, bonds instantly. Follow all other directions.

Urethane adhesive liquid consistency:

Good for small areas where clamping is practical

Urethane construction adhesive:

Good for any size repair you can clamp for 12 hrs or more

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